About me.

My name is Michael Christensen. I have been around music my entire life.  I’ve had many opportunities to perform and share music, most notably on NBC’s “The Sing-off” season 3 with BYU Vocal Point in 2011.


But even more than performing music, I love creating music. As a teenager, you would find me listening to songs and writing a cappella arrangements of these songs to sing with my family and friends. I also enjoy composing songs on the piano and on the guitar. Once the songs were written, I would either by myself, or with my friends, sing and record those songs. Then I would buy blank CD’s and cases, and spend hours at the computer printing CD’s and covers to sell to my friends. I would keep them in my locker at high school and advertise my music to anyone I met. I loved creating and sharing my music with my friends.

Since high school, I have continued to create music, mostly with piano and vocals. Over the years, my life experiences within my faith, my marriage, and the blessing of children has inspired some of my most meaningful music.

Every now and then, I get opportunities to perform my music. Afterwards, I have people ask me where they can get a copy of it. I decided to create a website where I could post my music so other people might be able to enjoy it. Click on this link to be directed to my website where I contain everything I’ve uploaded so far.

I have always believed that music has the power to create good and inspire happiness. A single song written with thoughtful words and compelling melodies can motivate someone to have just a little more hope, to remember what’s important, too laugh a little sometimes, to love more diligently, and to bring great scripts already written to song. While I enjoy creating original music, I also enjoy arranging inspiring music already written in new and powerful ways. All of this in an effort to create something inspiring and meaningful for everyone.

I also enjoy running, biking, swimming, hiking, and camping. I’m a father of three beautiful children, and husband to a wonderful wife.