Color in the Skies

I came home the other day to my kids coloring pictures at the kitchen table. I love seeing what my kids will draw and color. My children are all quite young still, so they’re drawings aren’t much from an artistic point of view, but I enjoy them nonetheless.

I love how children express themselves. They are so pure an innocent and have such a unique outlook on life. When children play, or dance, or color, they are expressing original creativity. Nobody is telling them how to do it, they just do what they think and feel. As a parent and as a grown-up, I often find myself jealous of my children. I miss the innocence, the simple outlook on life, and the day-to-day living. Even though my perspective on life is much broader and more complicated, I am reminded when I’m with my children how sometimes it’s okay to remember the simplicity, the joy, and the happiness that life and creativity can bring.To them, every day is a fresh start, a blank white sheet of paper that gets colored in as the day goes by however they like.

I had fun making this video with my kids and allowing Zoe to play with my phone as well. I love my children and it is a blessing every day to be with them, play with them, and be inspired by them.

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Thanks for listening!

Here is the audio:

You can download this song here

Here are the lyrics:

“Paint a picture of your world,

Your movement your design,

Contemplate the simple place your in,

Inside your mind.

Cuz time stands still,

Just waiting til,

The moment captures life,

And no one cares,

You’re unaware,

If you go outside the lines.


So color in the sun,

So color in the skies,

This world’s no longer black and white,

The feeling draws you in,

So draw the feelings right,

It’s yours, so you can take your time,

Each day you live you create your life,

So color in the skies.


Tell your story make it speak,

To those who may pass by,

Who needs words when you’ve got,

Countless ways to speak your mind,

Why you can’t sit still,

your overfilled,

Too many things to see,

If they listen well then they could tell,

You’re beyond mediocracy,


I’ve been waiting for this,

All my life,

And the time has come right now,

I knew it would,

Can’t believe how lucky,

I could be,

Let the other lives I might,

Have lived be free,

I can see it in your eyes,

Innocence creates new life”


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