Getting Ready for Christmas with “Oh Little Child”

I know, I know. It’s only September… and Christmas is still more than 3 months away.


If you’re involved in a ward or stake choir, or any type of choir, especially if you are the choir director, you MAY be starting to look for Christmas music to start practicing for the Christmas season!

Might I offer up “Oh Little Child” as an option? I composed it last year around the end of October, but by the time I released it, many choir directors were well into their Christmas rehearsal season. So this year, I wanted to remind everyone early!

It is written for SATB choir and has a flute or violin solo in the middle. It is a beautiful song that talks about the Savior from the point of view of Mary, and then Joseph, and then Heavenly Father, at different times in the Savior’s life.

I hope that with it, you can bring the spirit into your wards during the Christmas season to remind us all of the significance or our Savior’s birth, His mission, and His infinite Atonement.

I hope you’re as excited as this guy!

happy choir director

Here’s to an early Merry Christmas!

You can find “Oh Little Child” under the music tab, or click here.

To see my original post about this song, click here.

To see a video of my old high school choir performing this song, click here.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

*Please note: I do not sing soprano… so the recording above is just me singing in the tenor range. *


  1. Mikey! I just listened to your “Oh, Little Child” and I loved it! AND whenever September comes around, to me, it totally means starting on Christmas music in ward choirs! Thank you for your beautiful music! –Jeannie


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