Away in a Manger/ Silent Night

As we delight in this Christmas season, two of my favorite Christmas hymns find their way to my humming holiday spirit.

Away in a Manger and Silent Night.


These hymns may be considered to be some of the most popular of the Christmas season. Not only are the melodies beautiful, memorable, and uplifting, but the words of both songs have a powerful impact. These songs truly bear testimony of our Savior as a beautiful baby, born in a manger on the most sacred and holy of nights.

It amazes me that the Savior of the world would arrive in such a humble manner, almost dramatically so! To not even have a room and a proper roof over his head, or a crib or pillow to rest it on. The nature of his entrance into this world is so messianically significant, it fulfills ancient scripture, as well as instills humble faith in those that would follow Christ one day.

Perhaps not many were aware of the significance of that night at the time, but lowly and meek shepherds were the ones to greet the King of Kings into the world shortly after his birth. And later, inspired wise men from the east would follow suit. He was not a prince born of worldly noble birth, and a large nation-wide celebration was not had. Rather, a star appeared and heavenly hosts sang “Hallelujah!” Our Heavenly Father chose, as he often does, to bring about His work by small and simple means.

And small and simple are the feelings I have as I have sung these two songs throughout my life. I’ve arranged a “mashup” of both of these songs, geared towards those with tenor voices. I hope that these two songs, combined together into one, can bring a little more Christmas spirit into your home this holiday season, as we remember the birth of a babe born long ago in Bethlehem.

Merry Christmas!


You can click here or go to to find this arrangement under the “Free Music” section, as well as many other songs I’ve composed and arranged.

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