Love In Motion

When our first child was born, it took us a few days to name her. Eventually we settled on Zoe Christensen. As we were driving back to the hospital to deliver some paperwork with her official name to put on her birth certificate, we were inspired to give her a middle name.


Dance is my wife’s maiden name. I always thought it was a neat last name, especially for my wife and her family who are all gifted dancers. We wanted to preserve the Dance name for Zoe, and we also felt that dancing would be a part of her life.

Technology being the way it is today, it is very easy to pull out my phone at a moments notice to video Zoe when she feels inspired to dance. Usually, it’s when there is music playing, or when I play the piano, or after watching mom choreograph for her dance classes. And sometimes, even without music, Zoe is expressing herself through dance. It’s like another language for her, a way that she communicates how she is feeling and experiencing life. And it’s absolutely incredible to watch.

It wasn’t hard to throw a couple of videos of Zoe dancing, running, jumping, and experiencing life. She is always moving. And I am just in love with her. She inspires me. She is courageous, never afraid to try something new. She is passionate, both to our delight and our frustration as parents, and her 2 younger brothers. Sometimes she is sad, and that’s okay too. She always knows how to pick herself back up. She always wants to know what is happening tomorrow, like she is mentally preparing for her performance the following day. If I could see into her dreams, I imagine she would be rehearsing.

The song playing in this video is one I wrote for her recently that touches on all of these thoughts.

My love for my daughter is constantly in motion. It will never change. It will never stop. It’s up and down, twirling around, smiling and sad. There’s a lot of space to fill in this world, and life is constantly moving. It requires our courage, our passion, and our sorrows.

I always thought as a parent, it was my job to teach, and my children to learn. Zoe doesn’t know it yet, but she teaches me every day. I learn so much from her. She helps me get through the hard times. She inspires me. My love for her is in motion.

I love you, Zoe.

Pinky promise? Sealed.

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