Too Many Ideas- Not Enough Time

What is the deal with time anyways?

It really gets on my nerves. There are so many ideas rattling around in my brain and I want to write them all down right now! I wish I could just jump into a time machine and go 20 years into the future after all these ideas have been written and published and out there in the world… Will the books or music or posts I’ve written have impacted the world in any way? Will the people in the world be better off because of it? Will I have made any dent at all in the musical or literary world?

I hope the answers to those questions are yes. But in the mean time, looks like I’ll have to wait and find out.

I’m a husband to an amazing wife, and father of 3 beautiful children (ages 4 and under). That’s where most of my time goes.

I have a full-time job. That’s where a lot of my time goes.

I have other community and religious responsibilities. That’s where some of my time goes.

I like to stay active by running, biking, or swimming, etc. That’s where a little bit of time goes.

Whatever slivers of time are left, if they’re not spent catching up on sleep and cleaning up the house that seems to always be messy, I dedicate it to writing down my ideas.

As a matter of fact, in this moment, my 10-month old baby boy is crying when he should be sleeping. So much for this sliver.

Finally, I’ve created a website where I can post my ideas:

Mainly because my brain is overflowing and rather than let it all spill out and get lost and forgotten, this website will act as a pensive.


But rather than touch my wand to my temple and release a small silver string of memory, I write a song, book, or post, and keep it all in one place.

Thank goodness for phones with voice memo capabilities. So often at work, I start humming a tune, or contemplate an idea, and I quickly record it and save it for later. Then during one of those slivers of time, I complete the tune, or idea, and slowly it becomes more solid and complete. I’ve gotten to the point now where I have enough to start posting them.

My hope is that these overflowing ideas can be of some benefit to the world. And like a pensive, these ideas, whether in form of music or literature, can be extracted in the moment their needed, and help uplift and inspire.

If not to anyone else, then at least to me.

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